About us

Canada Chuansheng Media Ltd. was established in 2017. The Vancouver based company coordinated, organized, and hosted cultural and performance events with medium and large sizes. The company works hard to promote Canadian, Chinese and different cultures around the world. Canada Chuansheng Media Ltd. had hosted two successful events of "Chinese Children’s Golden Bell Music and Dance Contest in Canada Division" and was awarded as the excellent division. “A World of Magic” is going to be hosted by Canada Chuansheng Media Ltd. from Sep 7th to Sep 9th, 2018. There will be one show on Sep 7th and three shows on Sep 8th and Sep 9th at the Vancouver Playhouse. Canada Chuansheng Media Ltd. will also organize the first Canada-Sichuan Food Festival in Richmond. BC from Oct 15 to 31, 2018. Guests could taste many cuisines of the Sichuan style, and watch performances related to Sichuan Culture, as well as cooking demonstration for Sichuan Foods. From Oct 31, 2018 to Jan 6, 2019, Canada Chuansheng Media Ltd. will host the “Art of Lights 2018 Vancouver International Lantern Festival". This event features in illusions made with lighting effects, excellent Sichuan Cultural shows, amazing cuisines and beautiful fireworks. We wish to work with the most professional performance groups and talents to promote both Canadian and Chinese Cultural in North America.