Vancouver International Lantern Festival

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Host: Canadian Sichuan Chamber of Commerce
Sponsor: Canada Chuansheng Media Ltd.


  • calendar black  Date & Time: Oct 31st 2018 to January 6th 2019 from 05:00pm to 11:00pm daily
  • location  Venue: Cloverdale Millennium Amphitheatre ParK 17728 64Ave, Surry, BC V3S 1W8

The “2018 Vancouver International Lantern Festival” is a large-scale cultural event hosted by the Canadian Sichuan Chamber of Commerce and organized by the Chuan Sheng Media Group which will be introduced to delight the cultural life of residents in the greater Vancouver area. This fusion creativity of past tradition and modern present not only enriches cultural life in each of us but also builds a platform to display commercial images, brands promotion, cultural exchange and interaction between Canada and China. As time goes by for thousands of years, lanterns are not only a continuation of tradition but also a fashion forward progression in modernism. Highlights : - A thousand years of signature business; A world-wide cultural exchange highlight; A festival of over 300,000 visitors; An Ambilight Art Tour; A historic cultural decode; A cuktyral hurricane that swept across cities. Over a thousand years of signature brandname + over half a million of visitors + incredible marketing strategy = super monetary value. Visitors' attraction - visually impact and delightful amused. Exhibitors' attraction - great exposure of merchant promotion and sales return. The 2018 Vancouver International Lantern Festival, will be opened on October 31, 2018, is the most enthusiastic event for all residents and the most effective marketing plan for business and product promotion. The 2018 Vancouver International Lantern Festival is more than just a display of glorious lamp groups but also presents wonderful performances such as acrobatics, face changing, and tea art, as well as traditional crafts and food tasting. Look forward to working with you to create more joyful moment !

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Fireworks sponsor, The Liuyang Fireworks Company, which our designate fireworks partner meets Canadian standards, can discuss to suit your corporate specific conditions.
  1. Title format : 2018 Vancouver (Corporate Name) International Lantern Festival
  2. Corporate name or logo exposure on all printed ad and promotional videos.
  3. The full name of the corporate's title shall be marked on the lighthouse head lantern group at entrance.
  4. Corporate's VIP attends the opening ceremony of the lantern festival and giving a speech.
  5. 1,000 complimentary admission ticket per month
  6. Live LED screen broadcasts at least 50 times of title advertisements (10 seconds) per day.
  1. All tickets printed with corporate name 
  2. Live LED screen broadcasts at least 50 times of title advertisements (10 seconds) per day.    
  1. Name the corporate name on  banner or the columns on both sides of the stage. 
  2. Live LED screen broadcasts at least 50 times of title advertisements (10 seconds) per day.    
  1. Small Group unit -  Lantern Size 6Mx3M (Lightbox Advertising 1.6Mx1.2M) 
  2. Medium Group unit  - Lantern Size 12Mx6M (Lightbox Ad 2.4Mx1.8M) 
  3. Large group unit - Lantern size 25Mx8M (Lightbox size 3.2Mx2.4M) sponsor Benefits :  1. Lightbox ads will be setting at the lantern group area.  2. One Wall Advertising   
  4. Event venue Fence/Wall advertising (15 Lanterns) with size of 25 square feet  
  1. location : 50 stalls at open-roof food square.
  2. Type of cuisine : various types of dishes, famous foods, and snacks with various specialties.
  3. Method of operation: lease (4) Opening hours: 04:00pm-10:00pm daily
  1. Location : 50 stalls
  2. Type of goods : folk arts and crafts of various ethnic groups, local special tourist products, new exotic products.
  3. Method of operation: lease
  4. Opening hours: 04:00pm-10:00pm daily

Street signs, light pole, designated product advertisements, ticketing booth advertisements, electronic screen advertisements, lanterns periodical advertisements, advertisements of various types of publicity materials, etc., advertisement fee is negotiable.

  1. Corporate image promotion or advertisement on lightbox
  2. Fixed quantities of lantern admission ticket
  3. Image promotion on local media during the Lantern Festival
  4. Invite business leaders to attend the opening ceremony
  5. Free promotion of enterprises and products on Lantern Festival official website
  6. Exposure on event oroftam
  7. Repeatedly advertisements on LED screens every day (10 seconds) The investment projects of the Lantern Festival are diversified. Please contact sales department